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Celebrating our one year anniversary!!

Celebrating our one year anniversary!!

This month of June, we celebrate our one year anniversary as a company. We’re extremely excited about the growth we’ve achieved within ourselves and as a business. We’re even more excited with the results we’ve produced for our lists of clients and the work we look forward to continuing into the future. We’ve recently redesigned our website to focus on driving the message of simplicity and clarity through crisp graphics, sleek design and streamlined functionality on all devices.

We’ve established a series of strategic partnerships with high quality vendors to ensure our clients are getting the best quality services. This also expands our capacity to do the most we can for our clients. We’re also working out of new office space in Mission Hill, Boston to provide more accessibility for our clients as we continue to grow.

We thank everyone for your continued support and we look forward to celebrating more years of creative work for our clients and our friends.


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