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How Kush Groove Generates Additional $30k Annually From Chat Bots

By Marcus Johnson-Smith

Think your cannabis dispensary business can’t generate tens of thousands of dollars a year from online chat bots?

Think again!

You too CAN generate thousands of dollars, a month, from chat bots for your cannabis business, similar to what I’ve done with my Kush Groove business.

Want to know how I’ve done it?

Great, because I’m here to show you step by step how I generate an additional $30k+ a year specifically from chat bots, on Facebook. I’ve also included a downloadable guide you can access below.

Ready to learn?

Let’s get started.

How I generate over $30k annually from Facebook Chat Bots

First things first. In order to generate this type of revenue, I have to be either:

  1. Offering a service, or
  2. Selling a product

What I’m selling (offering) for people to buy

My Kush Groove business, located at 1536 Tremont Street in the Mission Hill neighborhood of Boston, is a retail boutique that sells tobacco and cannabis accessories such as blunts, bongs, glass pipes, rolling papers and much much more. In addition, we design and produce our own private label apparel and accessories. Our open space layout of about 750 square feet allows us to utilize the space after hours to host private events.

On Friday evenings after we close the shop, we host a private paint party where we entertain roughly 16 guests participating in a freestyle painting set up. We provide guests with all of the paint materials (seating, brushes, artwork on canvas, paint colors) and invite an edibles chef to provide samples of THC infused edible treats to the guests. We sell tickets at $50 per person. The majority of our weekly tickets are sold through interactions customers have with our chat bots on our Facebook page.

But I’m (you are) selling cannabis…

You’re right. You do sell cannabis and I don’t.

However, as a host of a cannabis consumption event, my activities are held to the same restrictions dispensary businesses have when trying to market their products at scale on specific social platforms.

In the eyes of Facebook, I’m selling cannabis, just like you 😉

How I bypass ads on Facebook as a cannabis business

I have two Facebook business pages.

One of my business pages’ is for my Kush Groove Shop, which is categorized as a “Tobacco Shop” and holds the same restrictions on the platform as “Dispensaries.” My other Facebook business page is for my Kush Groove Apparel brand, which is categorized as men’s clothing.

This page isn’t held to the same restrictions the Kush Groove Shop page.

When I deploy ads on Facebook for Kush Groove, I often focus on “sponsored ad” posts to get the most reach out of both audiences profiles, The Kush Groove Shop page and Kush Groove Apparel page.

I tend to post organically from the Kush Groove Shop account, later sharing the post (after selecting target audiences, budgets and referral links) from the Kush Groove Apparel account.

My ad budget is about $30 per week.


How I use the chat bots to generate sales

I’ve set up auto responsive messages on our Facebook page when people interact with the page.

Through a set of ads and backlinks placed on strategic social media assets, we generate tons of traffic to our Facebook page.

When users interact with the Facebook page, most specifically when the click on the messenger button, they are prompted with an automated sequence of pre-selected messages.

These pre-selected messages were programmed based on the following criteria:

  1. Based on retail shop sales, what are people buying most?
  2. What e-commerce products do we offer that are instant, transactional, and high demand?

Our top selling items in the shop are e-juice products and nicotine style vaporizers so it was important to include pre-programmed messages for this specific product line.

Our next top selling product that was transactional, instant and in high demand is our paint & edibles event.

We pre-load our paint & edibles event responses with enough fodder to direct users to our blog post page where tickets can be purchased. Our blog post not only has the ticket purchasing link embedded into the post, but it also includes all the information users might need to make their purchasing decision.

The blog post where users can buy tickets includes event photos, event video, a break down of the event logistics and more.

On average we sell roughly 12 tickets per week generating $600 per week. Annually, this brings in over $30,000 per year.

How to set up a chat bots for a cannabis business

Setting up a chat bot is fairly simple. A few things you’ll need to keep in mind when you’re planning the set up of your chat bot:

  1. Traffic to your Facebook page
  2. Consider what you’re selling
  3. Consider where the transaction/POS takes place
  4. What type of chat box campaign you want
  5. What are your chat box goals

Traffic to your Facebook Page

In order for your chat bot to work in the sense it’s generating income, you need to have a valid traffic strategy that’s bringing real people to your Facebook page. If real people aren’t coming to your Facebook page to interact with it, you won’t generate any real income.

Consider what you’re selling

As I thought about what to populate my Facebook chat bot messages with, I thought about the things that mattered: what are people already buying from me so I can make that available? And what is the most transactional option I can create for my consumers. Meaning, what will they buy now where they can receive the product/service they’re looking for and I can be paid instantly.

Consider where the transaction/POS takes place

With my paint night tickets, we use an e-commerce platform, eventhi, that process our transactions instantly. This method works well for what we sell and how users interact with our offerings. As a cannabis dispensary, you’ll need to look at creative solutions for transacting retail sales of cannabis through e-commerce channels. If the transaction online isn’t what you’re looking for, utilize your chat bot for ongoing engagement with your users and incentivize them to come into your retail establishment to make the purchase there.

What type of chat bot campaign you want

The power of chat bots are endless. You can use chat bots to: build relationships through dripping educational messages, generate more leads, qualify leads, collect email addresses, increase webinar attendance, transact sales online, and more. It’s really up to you to figure out what the most important use of your chat bot will be and what will produce the greatest outcome for you and your business goals.

What are your chat bot goals

Identify what your chat bot goals are. Are your goals to build relationships through dripping educational messages, are they to generate more leads, to sell stuff online? You need to decide. Once you get clear on your goals and what you want sell, you’ll be able to craft a campaign that works best for you and delivers on your needs.

I mentioned before, setting up a chat bot is fairly simple. With the right planning and strategizing, you can set up your chat bot/s to help generate thousands of dollars a month in additional revenue for your dispensary business. I’ve done it for my cannabis business.

It can be done for yours as well.

Need help putting together a profitable chat bot for your cannabis dispensary?

Download my free guide outlining everything you need to build a profitable chat bot for your cannabis dispensary.