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Your Guide to Building A Killer Houzz.com Professional Profile (pt.1)

Houzz Ebook How to Build Killer Profile pt 3

Your Guide to Building A Killer Houzz.com Professional Profile (pt.1)

This is part one of a three part blog series I’m developing into an e-book, “Your Guide to Building a Killer Houzz.com Professional Profile.”

Over the last 3 years, Houzz.com has become one of the leading branding, lead generation and online marketing platforms for service professionals in the home design, building and architectural industries. Companies are able to showcase their professional work, client testimonials and company information in a dynamic user friendly online community accessible to over over 25 million active monthly viewers.

Part of the emphasis of the houzz.com phenomenon is the platforms’ ability to engage users with sensible design and curated content. But seamless profile layouts don’t just translate to increased leads by themselves. Some professionals utilize their houzz.com profile “real estate” to the best of their ability by integrating links, uploading high quality photo content, producing well written project descriptions and more. Most don’t put enough time and energy into their houzz.com profile resulting in poor inquiry rates.

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There are key elements successful professional houzz.com profiles employ that work to increase lead generation from the platform. Some of these elements, I employ with my professional services clients. 

Below are three elements houzz.com professionals can apply to their profiles to enhance branding and generate more leads.

  • Create an ongoing system for generating reviews: My clients outsource their marketing to our agency but maintain an in office administrative assistant and office manager that interact with clients on an ongoing basis. We’ve created a system between inter-office staff and client account managers that trigger automatic review requests to clients who’ve submitted final payment on project. This ensures we’re consistently generating new requests from reviews when we close out client projects.
  • Respond to client reviews consistently:  Responding to client reviews showcases that you care and take the time to follow up with your clients who’ve spent good money to have their home renovated by your firm. We make it a point that our client account managers review client houzz.com profiles weekly to ensure clients who’ve shared reviews are issued a prompt response to their review.
  • Elaborate on your project descriptions:  One and two sentence descriptions of renovation projects that took several months and cost upwards of $100,000 deserve more; and your readers and potential customers demand it. Spend some time (and possibly hire a copywriter) to elaborate on your project descriptions. Include materials used in the project, what elements or sources inspired the design of your renovation, the timeline for completion it required – and more – to expand the summary of your project.

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