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(Proven) Tools & Tips I’m Using To Generate $150K in Sales Q1 / 2018

(Proven) Tools & Tips I’m Using To Generate $150K in Sales Q1 / 2018

I’m an entrepreneur with many businesses. I have a retail store where I sell cannabis accessories. A lifestyle apparel brand with an e-commerce store. A coaching business. My marketing company. And I also sell Real Estate in Massachusetts.

The great thing about having many businesses is the learning that comes from each sector. Some of my businesses don’t gross as much as others but I get to learn from each one them 100% which is really valuable.

My retail business achieved around $110K in gross sales in Q4 of 2017, up about 20% from the last quarter. This doesn’t include our e-commerce and events segments of our business.

Below, I’m going to break down in detail the online tools I used to achieve this growth and how I plan to increase sales to $150k this upcoming quarter.

But before I do that, I’m going to reveal the tools I used last quarter.


Growth Tools I Used Q4

There are many tools on the market that marketers will debate over. The online marketing environment changes rapidly every day so it’s easy to become overwhelmed with the amount of information, and software that’s out there on the market. What’s worked well for me is focusing on a core of key platforms, activities and principals (yes, values and principals matter) that generate results and can work on autopilot to scale conversations with real people.

Here’s the list of platforms and tools I’ve used last quarter to generate over $100K for my business.

1. ManyChat via Facebook Messenger

Why? Many chat is a Facebook Messenger tool for broadcasting and communicating directly with a broad group of Facebook users. If you have a Facebook Business Page and a ManyChat account, you can send message from your page to a large group of users who subscribe via your Facebook page. I talk about strategies to get people customers to opt into your Messenger page below.

2. Facebook: for Ads, Posts & Connecting w/People

Why? We all know what Facebook is. But few actually understand the power of Facebook for businesses and fewer know how to use the platform to find success as a business. I use Facebook, the platform, for one simple reason: generate conversations with real people. This is how real business is done, when real people talk to each other. Facebook and LinkedIn are great platforms for this.


3. LinkedIn: for Posts, Articles & Connecting w/People

Why? Similar to the power of Facebook, LinkedIn has an incredible amount of power to help real people facilitate real conversations. The great thing about LinkedIn is the platform is tailored for professionals to have real conversations. My LinkedIn posts and articles have brought over 10,000+ views.


4. LinkedIn Helper: for Connecting w/2rd & 3rd Tier Connections

Why? The great thing about LinkedIn is you can see your tiers of connections with others on the platform. LinkedIn Helper is a chrome browser plugin that allows you to do a ton of amazing automated marketing features on the LinkedIn platform. I’ll talk about this platform in more detail below.


5. AnyLeads: for Group Scraping & List Cleaning

Why? AnyLeads is a great growth marketing tool that allows marketers to do a ton of amazing marketing activities at scale that really opens the door to growth marketing at the next level. One of the key features I personally love is the email verification tool that allows you to verify cold emails if you’re considering cold lead marketing email campaigns.


6. Grouply: for Group Scraping

Why? Grouply is a great growth marketing tool specifically for the Facebook platform. Functioning the same way as LinkedIn Helper, Grouply is a chrome browser extension that allows marketers to extract key demo info from Facebook Group Members.


7. Instagram: for Posting, Connecting and Story Hacking

Why? Everyone is on Instagram and I, we all, love it. The platform is rapidly changing and gaining real authentic followers, video views is a science that’s few have mastered. We’ve been able to gain an authentic and engaged following with a few strategies I’ll go into detail later on.


8. Website/SEO: for main landing page/s & Content Marketing


Why? Having a website increases your ability to be discovered by new customers online. It also serves as a platform to showcase products, share ideas, talk about services and so much more. Our website/s serve as an information platform, as well as an e-commerce platform for people to buy our products.


9. Google Business: for Google Business Info & Reviews

Why? Google is where everyone searches for things. If you have an iPhone, it’s the default browser for all your searches. It also powers a large portion of the worlds global internet traffic so it’s a good place to out your business information on. I also utilize some of the tools for on the business backend that further help grow our visibility online with potential customers.

These are the tools I used to generate over $100K in sales last quarter. I used email too but I will touch upon that another time.

Below I’m going to list in detail how I will use these tools to generate $150K Q1/ 2018


$150K This Quarter….

Here’s how I’m going to generate $150k this quarter: implement the same tactics and tools I used last quarter and increase spending on digital advertising along side boosting strategic content marketing activity along key platforms.

I’ll use the tools I used from last quarter, and a few more, more strategically, to achieve greater conversions on sales acquisition and repeat sales.

This is the strategy I’ll follow.

  1. Assess analytics from previous month work
  2. Craft a strategic & integrated content, social, PPC, SEO marketing plan
  3. Implement growth strategies for each platform that shows results


1. Assess Analytics of Previous Months Work (Done)

This was the first stage of the work that was completed before I was able to plan ahead. I assed the results of what we’re doing, what’s working, what products were selling the best, what posts were getting the most traffic, etc. This was the most important part of the planning because it gave a clear line of sight to the path ahead and how to implement around past results.

Which leads to the next part.


2. Crafting & Implementing a Strategic Content, Social, PPC and SEO Plan

This is a snapshot of my strategic marketing plan, mapped out on an excel document covering a range of mediums: web, SEO, Video, Instagram, Facebook, Blog, etc.

Everything is mapped week by week for the next 3 months, give or take, with some room for flexibility.

It’s a good document to use, and you can also download for free here, to refer back to daily or weekly, as you push through your marketing activities.

[Click here to download the Free Marketing Planning Template] 

So the goal is $150K.

My baseline for projection point for the last quarter is roughly $111K which gives me a good foundation for reaching my goal this next quarter.

The big question to answer here is, where are the gaps and opportunities to get towards my goal?

Part of my strategy is to increase core activity on specific channels as a means of driving the additional growth needed to get to my goal.

The plan is to increase activity on more, but I’ll focus on just 2 for this post.

Here are the 2 core strategies I’ll highlight that will help get me towards my goal

  1. Facebook Ads prompting engagement matched with Banana Bot software automating messenger announcements
  2. Web/SEO content focused on e-commerce conversions

These are strategies I’ll illustrate in more detail and why I’m focused on these.


3. Implement growth strategies for each platform that shows results

As I mentioned above, I’ll be highlighting 2 core strategies I’m using this quarter to help get to my sales goal. I’ll start with Facebook Ads.

We have 2 Facebook Pages: The Kush Groove Shop and Kush Groove Apparel. One for my shop, one for the apparel brand.

I have two for a few reasons:

  1. I’m restricted from advertising on the platform for the shop page because we sell tobacco products, so I created another page
  2. It’s actually not bad to have distinct pages with different, but aligned, brand identities

I have the most followers on the shop page, but I can advertise and get the most reach on the apparel page. This presents a dilemma: how do I leverage both accounts to get the most reach with my target audience, those who are already following my shop page?

Here’s the thought process:

  • One of our major products/service this past quarter has been our shop paint nights
  • Paint nights have been a success, as marketing tool for new customers. They also demonstrate a particular behavior…
    • They want to buy now!
  • Let’s promote paint night on FB with a post on the shop page, share it on the apparel page, and boost the post for $20 over 3 days targeting partying going women, ages 26-43

The results in 36 hours from both pages…

The graph is hard to see but if you want to see the results real time, jump over to the post here.

Here are some of the results

  • Shares: 37
  • Likes: 60
  • Comments: 60
  • Reached: 5,962

The key numbers to pay attention to are the amount of targeted people reached and the engagement on the post.

What you can’t see here are the number of people who tagged their friends on the post. The post prompts people to tag their friends. Guesstimating there are 60 total comments, 90% of the comments look like they are tagged with a friend.

Additionally, using the BananaBot software, each commenter is getting a direct message through facebook messenger with a coupon code for the event.

So there’s a unique viral effect that’s taking place for very little money spent.

These are the strategies you test and see if they work. This one is working!

We’ll be running these Wednesday’s, Thursday’s and Friday morning’s, when women interned in paint night are looking to make a decision about a Friday night thing to do, with their friends.

Next I’ll jump to web SEO focused on e-commerce conversions.

The top 3 post on are home page are there for very specific reasons:

  • One product has really high margins and gets high traffic from content and PR from the product developers ‘founder
  • One product is a nicotine vape product that customers NEED, and that’s always in demand!
  • One product is a urine cleaner, for when customers need to take a drug test

I selected these products to create content for because they are evergreen products, meaning they don’t have a time stamp on them.

I also chose this content because it aligns with product we can convert both online and offline fairly easily. The content is also evergreen as well.

Inventory on hand=Sales conversions!

Here are some of the key elements of a high performing blog post

  • Dwell time
  • Interactiveness
  • Story telling
  • Embedded links
  • Visual content
  • SEO titles and meta data

Blogger Brian Dean writes an in-depth piece on SEO in 2018 that highlights all of this stuff in clear detail.

Wanna see how all of this is working in action on my site?

Jump over to any of these articles right now and see first hand how their working to help me get to my goal.

To close out, this work, in addition to some other tactical activities, will be the work I focus on to drive more sales and reach my goal of $150k this quarter.

Marketing is complicated and cracking the code, especially in an industry that restricts a lot of marketing activity on key consumer platforms, is extremely difficult.

If you need expert advice, we’re here to help.

Have a question, about any of your marketing needs?

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