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Five Tips for Increasing Sales on Houzz.com

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Five Tips for Increasing Sales on Houzz.com

Houzz.com is a website and online community of 40 million users interested in architecture, interior design and decorating, landscape design and home improvement. The Houzz.com platform and its mobile app feature photos, articles, product recommendations, and a user forum for its community of professionals and regular users. It is the best platform for home design professionals and design savvy home owners and renters to connect.

For professional users, Houzz.com can, and has proven to, be the best sales and online marketing platform for Contractors, Interior Designers, Architects and other professionals in the residential home design trade. The benefits a houzz.com profile offers its professional users is a well designed, highly curated social media platform geared towards its community of savvy, style conscious users where they can engage and vet potential home design professionals like never before.

Companies who find the most success from Houzz.com utilize the platform to its full advantages. They post high quality photos, create engaging discussion posts about their projects and share insights around their areas of trade expertise. They also display a large number of positive reviews from satisfied B2C clients and vendors they’ve worked with in the past. What you’ll also find most obvious from these professional businesses is they’ve committed a concerted amount of time and energy towards creating a content rich profile that communicates to outsiders the quality and level of detail that goes in their work. The content usually sells the work.

Below, I’ve put together a short checklist of five of the best insights I’ve observed from browsing top Houzz.com professional profiles that will help you (as a Houzz.com professional) increase sales:

Profile Picture:

Profile picture is the first thing users usually gravitate towards. Your houzz.com professional profile picture shouldn’t be the exception. Use your company logo, or an icon from your company logo if applicable, in this space. Horizontal style pictures won’t work well. If you’re a small company (one man proprietor or a small partnership) you can also use head shot pictures of founders, owners, key sales staff, etc. Keep in mind, you want this picture to not only represent your company but be something your customers can relate to, something that’s memorable and that sticks.

Header Image:

The header image is the main, horizontal image that covers the top of the profile. It’s recommended your image should be at least 1000 px wide.  A compelling image of one of your finished projects, or a high resolution staff photo is highly recommended. Images with bright colors are the most engaging to readers and profile browsers. Keep in mind, if the image is small and/or vertical, it will stretch, causing the picture to distort.

Company Description/Overview:

Tell visitors of your houzz.com profile exactly what you do as a designer, contractor or architect. Do you specialize in residential contracting, custom designs, residential architecture? These might differ from Utilize specific key words to ensure you’re communicating to your prospective clients exactly the services you offer. Be sure to tie your mission statement into the narrative and include any awards, certifications, press and other news worthy information that may stand out to your profiles viewers and separate you from your competition.


Seeing is believing and the nature of your design oriented business as a contractor, designer or architect is centered around outstanding finishes. Because of this, your portfolio is one of your most important features on your houzz.com profile. Your portfolio provides the space and functionality for you to showcase pictures of work you’ve done for your clients. The more quality pictures the better. Having an inventory of pictures in your profile also helps scale the visibility of your profile because your pictures become discoverable through ideabooks selections. High resolution photos are always recommended. (Houzz.com does not allow uploading of low resolution photos)


Beautifully finished projects have a major influence on clients when evaluating whether or not to select a home design professional for a project.  Reviews however, paint a more compelling picture of the organization, the people and experience past clients have had with your firm. Your portfolio can’t qualify your work better than a stellar review. Reviews provide nuance and context of the experience clients have with your firm. A great finish goes a long way but a quality experience with your clients can help grow your business tremendously.

Houzz.com is a content rich social media platform that uses pictures and stories to engage it users. Make sure your all of your content (photos and copy) is rich in quality. This includes ensuring your pictures are all high resolution and fit the recommended size specifications for publishing.

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