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Digital Advertising

In 2016, digital advertising spending across the internet surpassed advertising on traditional mediums such as television, radio and print.

In order for your company to stay competitive in the market place, digital advertising should be considered as an element of your marketing activity.

We work with clients to design digital ad campaigns & place them in pay per click (PPC) or pay per impression ad exchanges while monitoring performance through daily analytics.

Digital advertising costs are relatively less compared to traditional advertising.

Ad Campaign Design

Conceptualize campaign & outline content production process

Our design team will prepare designs for whatever campaign your running. Whether you require a leaderboard or header design, we’re here to deliver.

Ad Campaign Placement

Placement on Google Adwords, Facebook, or other exchanges

After we design your assets, you’ll want them placed on platforms such as Google & Facebook or ad exchanges that partner with site publishers.

Performance & Evaluation

Per click, impression, segment performance targeting & tracking

We’ll monitor the performance of your campaign to evaluate clicks it receives, the number of impressions it delivers & overall customer engagement.

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